Aquarian Medicine Wheel


TBA, 2021



Now that you have entered into the epic journey of your SOUL, take a giant leap of faith and hear Eagle’s caw as you step into the realm of energetic visioning ...

Continue on your transformational journey of a lifetime in the Aquarian Medicine Wheel...

Our Aquarian Medicine Wheel journey continues with this EAST class, which is the last of four directions that embody the Aquarian Medicine Wheel (completion of the South, West and East directions are a pre-requisite). In this 2 1/2 day shamanic yogi self-healing immersion, you will learn the medicine of the East- Apu Chin, great Eagle/Condor. As you continue on your transformational healing path of renewed health, vitality and awareness, you will understand how everything that you experience in your life is a truly a reflection of what lives inside of you.

Just as the eagle...

You will see everything from a greater perspective, which will allow you to shift through the moments of your current reality - recognizing your old identifications and inner projections, so that you may come into proper relationship with them. Through the interaction of vibration and light of universal intelligence, you will learn how to consciously dream your reality and create a world of your highest dreams.

you will learn and experience...

Transformational ancient and modern wisdom teachings of the Aquarian Medicine Wheel that will help you navigate the great changes of this evolutionary time that we live in. 

  • How to dream your world into being, so that you may walk the path of your highest destiny.

  • Daily practices to deeply nourish your mind, body and spirit with our Aquarian Medicine tools and Kundalini yoga.

  • How to dance with the universe so that you may co-create your reality.

  • How to identify and dissolve energy leakage within your “kundalini” life force, that prevent you from making your dreams reality.

  • How to navigate and master your mind as opposed to the mind mastering you!

  • A newly profound awareness and elevation of self, that goes beyond description through the participation of interactive classes that will allow you to embrace the learnings.

  • Indigenous Alchemy that will help you to navigate the four levels of perception to assist you to transform and manifest the life that you dream.

  • The receiving of two foundational energetic transmissions of the Munay Ki.  (The Munay Ki consists traditional rites of empowerment based on the initiation practices of the Q’ero shamans of the Andes and the Amazon).

    • The Star Keeper Rite (Kurak Akuyak Rite) – According to lore, upon receiving this rite, your physical body will begin to transform into that of Homo Luminous, where the aging process is slowed and you find your immune system becomes resistant to disease that you were once vulnerable to. You will procure stewardship of the time to come.

    • The Creator (Taitanchis Rite) –This rite awakens the divine light within as an invitation to co-create life and envision the world into being.

Please note: you would have had to complete the Aquarian Medicine Wheel SOUTH, WEST and NORTH class before you may enter into the EAST.....