Aquarian Medicine Wheel


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TBA, 2020


Now that you have shed the burdens of past life stories and imprints, step into the power and beauty of "YOU" with grace and fearlessness!

Continue on your transformational journey of a lifetime in the Aquarian Medicine Wheel...

This WEST class represents the second direction of our Aquarian Medicine Wheel journey (completion of the SOUTH direction is a pre-requiste).  In this 3 day healing intensive, you will learn the medicine of the West - Otorongo - mother/sister Jaguar! As you step in to the transformational healing path of Jaguar, you will embrace the way of the luminous warrior- one who embodies their truth and breaks away from fear and anger, as they prepare for their journey beyond death.  You will rise above the "literal" level of awareness and perceive the various dimensions of a situation and their solutions.  You will explore inherited ancestral and karmic influences that have shaped your destiny and learn how to release them, so that you may create the world that you dream!  Just as the Jaguar, you will walk impeccably, with "no fear, no enemies", as you continue on your personal healing journey of higher consciousness and awareness.

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you will learn and experience...

  • Transformational ancient and modern wisdom teachings of the Aquarian Medicine Wheel that will help you navigate the great changes of this evolutionary time that we live in.

  • Daily practices to deeply nourish your mind, body and spirit with our Aquarian Medicine teachings and Kundalini Yoga.

  • Various exercises which will allow you to come into a balanced relationship with ancestral and karmic influences.

  • Ancestral and karmic balance so that you can now honor the gifts that your ancestors bring and release them - which will empower your BE-ing to create the world that you dream!

  • Aquarian Medicine nutrition and herbs.

  • A newly profound awareness and elevation of self, that goes beyond description through the participation of interactive classes that will allow you to embrace the learnings.

  • Indigenous Alchemy that will help you to transcend an issue or a theme that you have differentiated from which, in turn, will become personal sources of power to assist you to manifest the life that you dream.

  • The receiving of two energetic transmissions of the Munay Ki. (The Munay Ki are rites of empowerment based on the initiation practices of the Q’ero shamans of the Andes and the Amazon).

    • The Daykeeper Rite (Pampa Mesayok Rite) - makes you a steward for the Earth by allowing you to connect to a lineage of ancient master healers to heal and bring balance and harmony to our mother Earth. This rite helps you come into right nature and begin to heal your inner feminine - stepping beyond fear and practice peace.

    • The Rite of the Womb (13th Rite of the Munay Ki) - comes to us from a lineage of women who freed themselves from suffering. This lineage of women wants us to remember - "The womb is not a place to store fear and pain; the womb is to create and give birth to life". This rite will be energetically transmitted to women while the men participate and receive the blessings as well, by holding a strong protective space.