Aquarian Shamanic Energy Medicine

the latest advances in neuroscience, biology, nutrition and consciousness combined with ancient shamanic and ancient vedic healing practices


“After practicing for over 24 years in Primary Care Medicine, I have found it increasingly disheartening that despite modern medical advances, it is nearly impossible to “cure” my patients of their internal stressors and past traumatic events.  Unfortunately, I have found that these internal stressors usually result in “dis-ease” that may present physically, mentally or both.   At best, oral medications have acted as “band-aids” for care, while their internal “trigger” persisted in defining who they have become.  In my research to find a better way, I developed Aquarian Medicine®, which is a methodology of many facets of ancient Andean and Vedic teachings along with leading-edge neuroscience and biology.  One facet of our Aquarian Medicine® program is Aquarian Shamanic Energy Medicine™, which enables one to enter into deep levels of consciousness resulting in a transformational healed state of BE-ing and energetic balance.    As a result, client’s have expressed a renewed sense of empowerment and life purpose.  For Rich and I, there is no greater gift then to be part of one’s journey to find inner peace and balance within their soul.         
— Dr. Lorraine Olivero-Brodeur

No Mud, No Lotus....

No Mud, No Lotus....

What is Aquarian Shamanic Energy Medicine™?

Aquarian Shamanic Energy Medicine™ is based on indigenous Andean shamanic healing practices ,that date back to our Paleolithic ancestors 50,000 years ago, with a blend of ancient healing Vedic traditions and sound vibrational therapy.  Shamans are considered "masters of prevention" with great knowledge and understanding of ancient healing principles. Understanding the importance of maintaining physical, emotional, and spiritual balance, is at the core of this transformational energy healing process.  Our shamanic work involves accessing various levels of consciousness to address the health of one's Luminous Energy Field (LEF).  Once a person accesses the wisdom in their LEF to clear the imprints for dis-ease, they can bring about healing, transformation, and well-being to themselves. Backed by the latest breakthroughs in modern neuroscience and biology, Aquarian Shamanic Energy Medicine™ upgrades the quality of your (LEF) and instructs your molecules, your cells, and your genes to create health.  The LEF can be thought of as the software that informs your DNA (the hardware) to repair your body.  Ordinarily, your LEF creates your health (and your emotions) according to the instructions inherited from your parents. It may replicate various health conditions (ie. heart disease) and the emotional dramas that pass through generations.  Through the process of Illumination, one may change this and switch off the genes that create pathology and erase imprints of disease from the LEF.

What can I expect from an Aquarian Shamanic Energy Medicine™ session?

Energy renewal and transformation!  By clearing imprints for dis-ease, a healthy balance is created within your LEF releasing any negative vibrations and feelings of being "stuck", that no longer serve you such as:

  • chronic unhappiness

  • depression

  • confusion

  • guilt / shame

  • feelings of unworthiness

  • stress / anxiety (physical and/or emotional)

  • fatique and lethargy

  • mental fogginess

  • self-doubt

  • poor sleep habits

  • questions of "who am I?", "what is my purpose?"

Clients manifest a sense of relief, renewal and empowerment of one's self at the end of a session.

What is an Aquarian Medicine Shaman® ?

An "Aquarian Medicine Shaman®," is an contemporary medicine person of these present "Aquarian" times, whose core traditions come from the ancient wisdom of the indigenous Andean shaman, ancient Vedic healing practices and sound vibrational therapy principles. "Shaman" is an ancient term for "healer and a person of medicine and knowledge". The term "Aquarian" is meant to represent the current age that we live in.  The official start of the Aquarian Age is November 11,  2011 and is expected to continue to define our era for the next 2100 years.  Aquarian Medicine Shaman®, are innovators who are dedicated to service, transformational energy healing, and stewardship of the planet.  Both Dr. Lorraine and Rich Brodeur are Aquarian Medicine Shamanic Practitioners®.  We are grateful for our core teachings of indigenous Andean Shamanic Energy Medicine from our teachers Alberto Villoldo, PhD and Marcela Lobos, during our training as Certified Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioners of the Light Body School of the Four Winds Society.  

"To be truly healed is to awaken to a vision of your healed self as you become one with the infinite" -Dr. Lorraine Olivero-Brodeur

client testimonials

Despite many years of psychotherapy, unfortunately I was unable to move beyond the memories of past traumatic events. For me, after experiencing one energy medicine session, I have found that those “memories” are just that, memories- however, they NO LONGER cause that internal forever “stir” within my gut. I am free to move on with my life understanding now that event does not own me any longer. To be able to breathe and BE is priceless....
— Catherine S, Alpine, NJ
I requested that my testimonial be included on the website because if I read something like this 2 years ago, I wouldn’t have waited so long to have a session. I heard about Lorraine and Rich’s shamanic work from friends, and despite their “raves”, I questioned how can this really work? Thus, I am here tell you that if you are reading my testimonial, it is because you are meant to be here and try this energy medicine. Trust in yourself and your inner guidance. This work is all about YOU and only you and is truly incredibly transforming in ways that are unique to you and your ‘HIStory’. Both Rich and Lorraine are incredible shaman with great integrity, grace and deep compassion. I literally feel like I can be mySELF for the first time in my life! Thank you!
— Benjamin D, NYC NY