Aquarian Medicine Weight Loss Program

2018 is the year of transformation.....

2018 is the year of transformation.....

“Weight management is a tremendous global concern not only here in the United States, but throughout the world. Obesity has reached epidemic proportions in both adults and children alike. Given our hectic lifestyles, eating healthy balanced meals, exercise and maintaining a healthy spirit, has been challenging to say the least. However, they remain the core to any weight management program. Therefore, proper lifelong behavior modification in the sense of proper nutrition, hydration, exercise, mental and spiritual fitness needs to be addressed”. Dr. Olivero-Brodeur

Since 2001, Dr. Lorraine has utilized Optifast® weight loss products as part of her customized comprehensive Aquarian Medicine® weight loss program.  During a personalized Aquarian Medicine® lifestyle consult, Dr. Lorraine will determine if the fusion of Optifast® would be beneficial to obtain your ultimate weight loss goals.  As a long standing legacy in clinical nutrition, OPTIFAST® is a proven weight loss program that has been producing verifiable results in over one million patients since 1974.  An average weight loss of 52 pounds in over 20,000 patients using this weight loss formula has been documented in medical journals (average BMI 39).  Supported by more than 80 publications, OPTIFAST® has shown to improve obesity co-morbidities such as hypertension, high cholesterol and diabetes.

At Aquarian Medicine, we believe in a personalized lifestyle approach to weight loss management and therefore, we offer several customized OPTIFAST®  programs which may fuse into your Aquarian Medicine® personalized lifestyle regimen:


full meal replacement utilizing OPTIFAST®

 OPTIFAST® is a clinically proven weight loss program that offers simple ready to drink nutritional meal replacements and bars as a means to provide a break from food. This “break” allows the patient time to focus on the importance of maintaining a regimental routine of eating 5-6 “mini-meals” a day and maintaining proper hydration. Dr. Lorraine has found that the frequency of eating at least 5 meals a day and proper hydration is an essential behavior modification change needed to optimize one’s metabolism resulting in long-term weight loss maintenance. After the first week on the customized OPTIFAST ® weight loss plan, most patients stop craving negative triggers of their previous regular diet such as sugar, fat and salt. At this point in the program most people also stop “feeling hungry” and learn to eat to “satisfaction”. After at least two weeks of active and rapid weight loss, our program shifts into a transitional phase (which will be determined during your Aquarian Medicine® consultation) during which you will slowly begin to eat self-prepared foods. Long term weight-management after the OPTIFAST® program is possible through a commitment to proper nutrition and lifestyle changes. Increasing exercise, proper hydration and consumption of nutrient rich foods that are balanced in fruits, vegetables and protein is crucial to long term weight loss success.


partial meal replacement utilizing OPTIFAST®

This portion of the program is individually customized  for each patient  by Dr. Lorraine taking into consideration one's weight loss goals and lifestyle. It may be used to help a patient transition off of a full replacement OPTIFAST® program to food. Or this program may be utilized to fulfill the weight loss goals of those patients who have a minimal to moderate amount of weight to lose. Regardless, this program helps patients to acquire continued weight loss or maintenance of weight loss taking into consideration one’s lifestyle obligations and challenges of work, school or family requirements. It is during this phase of transition where you and Dr. Lorraine identify any potential "trigger" foods which is determined by how your body reacts to various types of food.  This gained knowledge, which varies from each individual, will allow Dr. Lorraine to customize a long-term weight management program to obtain health and vitality.

client testimonials

I have tried almost every diet out there for the last 20 years and have never been able to keep my weight loss off until now. One year ago, Dr. Lorraine developed a personalized Aquarian Medicine Nutrition program for me that began with Optifast as a “jumpstart” and then incorporated various food groups, as I fused off of Optifast. As a result, I have lost 50 pounds and have KEPT IT OFF! I learned to eat the foods that work best for me and have maintained the lifestyle changes that Dr. Lorraine had suggested. I have my life back!
— Melanie B, NYC, NY
I came to see Dr. Lorraine because I was confused by all the different diet programs that are out there. I know I needed to lose weight because I had now developed high blood pressure and diabetes because of it. Dr. Lorraine explained to me how to reset my metabolism and determine which foods are best for me and WHY! She then developed an Aquarian Medicine Nutrition program that can fit my hectic life. In 3 months, I have lost 45 pounds and have never felt better! I am loving my new healthy lifestyle and find I more more productive at work and at home.
— Michael T, Greenwich, CT
Dr. Lorraine was referred to me by a few of my friends who have had successful weight loss with her. After having tried to lose weight on my own with short lived success, I decided to meet with her. Not only did I lose the 20+ pounds that I was looking to lose, through Dr. Lorraine’s Aquarian Medicine Lifestyle program, more importantly, I have found more balance and vitality in my life in ways that go beyond words... Thank you! Thank you!
— Jacqueline M, Saddle River, NJ