unique lifestyle wellness tools to navigate the 21st Century


Our Story is a transformational journey of higher consciousness and awareness that began as two separate paths that have now become one... A path of restorative health and vitality that was born from ancient traditional wisdom and healing practices interwoven with conventional modern medicine. Our evolution, of over 28 years of exploration, study and practice in various alternative and holistic practices of energy medicine, indigenous shamanic medicine, ancient vedic healing arts, ayurveda, herbology, sound vibration, meditation, kundalini yoga, martial arts, pilates and leading-edge conventional medical practices in primary care medicine, nutrition, neuroscience and biology, has lead us to the creation of Aquarian Medicine® - an exclusive multi-dimensional holistic integrative lifestyle medicine system intended for the 21st century.

mind. body. spirit. space.

By embracing the abundance of learned Aquarian Medicine lifestyle tools and techniques, you will discover how to intentionally create an inter-dimensional balance of mind, body, spirit and space. This Aquarian Medicine wisdom will allow you to consciously navigate each day in perfect alignment with your highest self and purpose.

Our numerous Aquarian Medicine lifestyle and shamanic/yogi programs and services offer transformational experiences that serve as a "fork-lift" for our clients, as they embark on their conscious journey of restorative and transformational health and vitality.  We accomplish this by offering individualized Aquarian Medicine® Lifestyle programs, Aquarian Shamanic Energy Medicine sessions, Kundalini Yoga & Meditation ancient scientific technologies, customized weight loss programs, professional individually designed equipment based pilates and fitness instruction, as well as our upcoming Aquarian Medicine online programs.  For those who are called to immerse themselves in a transformational self-mastery and healing intensive journey, we offer our live "Aquarian Medicine Wheel" experiential retreats.   Our monthly membership program will allow our clients/students the opportunity to further enhance their teachings through various modalities and monthly live Aquarian Medicine Lifestyle coaching sessions.

What Aquarian Medicine is NOT about is delivering unbroken promises and fad trends.

What Aquarian Medicine is about is learning and alchemically experiencing the plethora of Aquarian Medicine lifestyle tools and techniques that will allow you to discover your inner healer, your inner guru (teacher), so that you can consciously create and intentionally live a life of your infinite potential.

you deserve it!

25+ years of practice as both a conventional Primary Care Practitioner and Holistic Integrative Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner, has allowed us to gain a unique perspective and understanding of ALL dimensions (from micro to macro) of dis-ease, health and well-being, by incorporating the intentional balance of mind, body, spirit and space.

Both ancient wisdom and modern science tells us that we are only 5% conscious of our thoughts, feelings and beliefs. The other 95% of our thoughts, feelings and beliefs lays dormant in our subconscious mind ready to challenge our BE-ing at a moments notice. As a result…

The purpose of our Aquarian Medicine Lifestyle System is to provide a roadmap to navigate the challenges and opportunities of these Aquarian times. By intentionally incorporating Aquarian Medicine lifestyle tools and techniques, you learn to consciously create a life of ultimate health, happiness and vitality where YOU are the the author of your own story.

imagine what that would look and feel like…