Aquarian Medicine Wheel Graduates

I am not sure where to begin with my testimonial because after you go through the Medicine Wheel it’s hard to put emotions and knowledge into words. You begin to come from a place of knowing, a deep inside understanding of who we are and why we’re all here. I met Dr. Lorraine and Rich about a year and a half ago. It was an on purpose accidental meeting. My daughter was going through a very tough time and had been told while on a retreat in Canada she should find a Shaman to help her deal with her problems. She was dealing with fear, anxiety, severe depression and darkness. We knew the medicine wasn’t working and nothing traditional was helping. I came back to the US thinking where in the world am I going to find a Shaman – I really didn’t even know who they were other than what I had seen in museums and history books.

Through a chance meeting followed by a recommendation, we were referred to Dr. Lorraine and Rich and the connection was incredible. They have helped me, my daughter and our family – not to mention all the beautiful souls we now meet who are blessed by our awareness. We began studying Kundalini Yoga with them in the Fall of 2017. Their dedication to not just teaching us but helping us understand the concepts has been instrumental in our spiritual journey. Every day we feel so blessed and so prepared to conquer anything that might come our way. Kundalini is an instrumental part of our daily practice.

Flash forward through the Shamanic energy sessions and the Kundalini classes have taken – nothing ever would have better prepared me for the Aquarian Medicine Wheel. We began our journey in the South not knowing what to expect. The South is all about shedding the past, our stories and the “triangle of disempowerment”. It had a profound impact on my life. I started seeing my life and all its challenges as mere lessons in helping me get to where I am now. I learned about my soul and its unending quest for peace. As we proceeded through all the directions my life began to change. People were either drawn to me with force or repelled violently because their soul no longer resonated with my light. Mundane things which had previously attracted me were no longer important.

I started to spiritually grow in ways I never thought possible. I wanted to change my life, my career, every aspect of how I was living without real purpose and meaning. By the time we had completed the East, the metamorphosis had happened. I was no longer the same person. I changed my career, my state (literally), and how I viewed the world and everyone in it. The transformation has not only been beautiful to see in my own life, but it’s also been incredible to see it in my entire Allyu.

The Medicine Wheel not only has made me a better person, mother, wife, friend - it has made me a force for healing, love, light, and God. I thank God every day he brought Dr. Lorraine and Rich into my life. Their calling to teach is a blessing and we are so fortunate to have them so close to us and in the USA. I pray for these teachings to spread and for their impact on the world to continue from now into infinity. Amen.
— APG., Colorado

Thank You! Words cannot express how meaningful this whole experience has been for me. Quite literally, it has changed and continues to change my life. It is hard to put into word that my time with Lorraine and Rich has done for me. My first experience with energy medicine came at a time when I was struggling medically and personally. I had no experience with this type of healing. I just “knew” when the opportunity presented itself, that this was something I needed to do.

Since that time, I have done a few energy medicine sessions, as well as completed the Aquarian Medicine Wheel and I do not say this lightly- IT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE!

To give you an idea, I started this process as a very mind-centered person, but it was not working. And I just did not know how to make things different, or even what different might look like. Lorraine and Rich helped show me, and guide me through the transformations I needing to make, and I am thankful everyday for the shifts I have noticed in my life (my health, my ability to make decisions, my ability to conceptualize and deal with life circumstances).
”Thank you” doesn’t quite do it justice...but truly, thank you Lorraine and Rich!”
— J.K., New Jersey