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We believe there is no greater healer and teacher than you.


Aquarian Medicine is a dynamic lifestyle wellness brand that inspires people to live their best life. From private personalized healing and wellness services to unique educational experiential online programs and live events, we create a truly transformational experience that supports your soul’s higher purpose.


Our mission is to support your life journey as you discover your unique blueprint to health, happiness, vitality, and life purpose. You will experience how to elevate your awareness, so that you can consciously create and live your life beyond any limits or expectations of your subconscious mind. The answers lie within you.


Aquarian Medicine is your complete lifestyle wellness ecosystem. As you experience all that our multi-dimensional system has to offer, you will learn empowering Aquarian Medicine Lifestyle tools, that will assist you to navigate through life’s greatest challenges with clarity and direction.

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Signature Wellness Experiences


Shamanic Energy Medicine Healing

Experience how shamanic energy medicine can help clear the imprints for dis-ease so that you can consciously bring about healing, transformation, well-being, and purpose for yourself.


Aquarian Medicine Lifestyle Consultations

Discover the root causes of your physical health, emotional and spiritual challenges and learn how to address them, so that you may create a life of health, happiness, vitality, and purpose.


Mindful Movement Medicine

Experience personalized one-on-one fitness instruction that is woven from an innovative fusion of yoga, Pilates, and traditional mindful movements, to obtain your ultimate health & fitness potential.

What They’re Saying

“Before I met Dr. Lorraine and Rich, I always walked through life with a weighted blanket on my soul. Working with them has empowered me to shed that blanket and bask in the sunlight of my own happiness”.

Michael K., NYC, NY

“Working with Rich has been such a blessing! His knowledge of physical anatomy and his ability to fuse different fitness modalities of yoga, Pilates, and weights, has truly given me a transformational experience in mind, body, and soul! I look forward to our sessions because I never know what combination we may do next!”

Susan M., Nyack, NY

“For 20 years, I had tried almost every diet out there with no long-term results. I then saw Dr. Lorraine who developed a personalized Aquarian Medicine Lifestyle program for me. As a result, I lost 50 pounds and learned how to live an energetic, balanced life. Now here I am, two years later, and have KEPT IT OFF! I finally feel like I can live my life without having to feel deprived. Thank You! “

Melanie B., NYC, NY

“I came to see Dr. Lorraine for clarity on what foods I should be eating to help control my high blood pressure and diabetes. In 3 months, I lost 45 lbs, reversed my diabetes, and have never felt better! Now I understand WHY I need to eat the foods that I am eating. As a result, I am loving my new healthy lifestyle and find that I am more productive at work and at home.”

Michael T, Greenwich, CT

“I thought I was making healthy food choices however I could never lose my weight. After using OPTIFAST as a jumpstart, Dr. Lorraine helped me to identify my food triggers that were causing inflammation throughout my body. I never imagined how losing 30 pounds could make such a difference in my life. Awareness and balance is the key!”

Aquarian Medicine Self Mastery Membership

Self Mastery

Monthly Membership

Empower your health and wellbeing Join us in a unique monthly experience that will give you clarity on how to create ultimate health, happiness, vitality, and purpose with a simple actionable lifestyle direction.